Dr. Alejandro Sáenz

Dr. Alejandro Sáenz

Dr. Alejandro Sáenz


Dr. Alejandro Sáenz is a prominent surgeon in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery in Costa Rica. We opened our clinics with the aim of improve the quality y prestige of Dentistry in Costa Rica. We provide the latest technology in dental clinics and laboratories, with the ability to run conscious sedation during the procedure and use the modern 3D diagnostics for the most difficult oral surgical procedures and maxillofacial, as Zygomatic and All-on-4, in ideal clinical conditions.

Thanks to Dr. Saenz every day we perform All-on-4 complex cases. We specialize in total reconstruction of both jaws in a single day.

We put a smile on the faces of the patients with the most serious situations in a few days. With us, you must not wait any longer for your smile. The All-on-4 will provide the new smile in just 72 hours!


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