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What is an “All-On-4” and is there a difference between various methods and the cost?

“All-On-4” is a treatment concept that has evolved over the past 20 years involving the placement of four Titanium fixtures into either an upper or lower jaw and then placing a whole set of teeth on them. In many cases, the treatment can be completed within a day or so.

In the usual approach to the all-on-4 method, patients receive a temporary acrylic set of teeth after their surgery and are told to return in a few months to have a more aesthetic and a stronger set of teeth made, which often has a titanium foundation. At Freer Dental, we have developed a unique methodology where the immediate set of teeth that patients receive is actually the permanent set, more aesthetic more comfortable and stronger.

One of the other problems with techniques involving the fitting of a temporary bridge, apart from being unreliable and difficult to clean, is the potential long-term affect on the health of the dental implants and bone loss. The main concern is that this treatment, when the problems become known, is complex to undo and often impossible to re-do.

What is the cost of All-On-4 Dental implants treatment?

Typically, with our practice’s methods it is on average $12,000 USD. This includes the work-up procedures, the surgery, the fitting of immediate and final teeth.

We use genuine Swedish ‘Nobel Biocare’ Implants and components that makes a big difference to the way the treatment is performed, as it was the Swedish company, Nobel Biocare that introduced the required components for the “All-On-4” concept back in 2004.

Unusual as this may sound, I was surprised to learn that there is no registrable specialty actually dedicated to dental implants.

It is unusual. Patients who are interested in having “All-On-4” treatment should be very mindful of the experience and skills of their surgeon, their training and the type of implants and components they are using, especially since this treatment is not so simple to undo if done incorrectly.

Dentists and various types of dental specialists may sometimes offer discounted “All-On-Four” type procedures using cheap implants and components enabling them to significantly cut back on costs and compete against those practitioners who are well trained and insist on only using genuine products.

Apart from the actual components though, there is also the laboratory procedures that make a big difference to the “All-On-4” Dental Implants Cost.

At Costa Rica All-on-Four, one thing is certain. Our commitment to helping change the lives of everyday people every day. An extension of this commitment is our competitive pricing policy, and providing a service that is not only more accessible, but also more affordable to more people.

We aim to provide exceptional value reflected in our service, quality, comfort and convenience provided to our patients, and of course a unique and individual smile for each and every patient. A smile that is strong and functional, but also in line with that patients own personality , facial structure and their cosmetic preferences.

When we hand the mirror over to the patient we get this sense of fulfillment that we have done much more that just improve their oral health and function.

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