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Wand Dentistry

Wand MachineAmong all the procedures of routines performed in our dental practice, the procedure that is most feared by the patient, and also creating anxiety, is the injection of anesthetic.

It is not so much the needle to cause pain entering into tissues, since the release rate of the fluids in the body.

As the dentist has a light hand and inject at a moderate speed, it can never manually dispense the controlled and constant flow of one drop every two seconds under the patient’s pain threshold that this system allows.

In addition, with the traditional method, you cannot avoid that the patient has anesthesia side of the face, cheek and lips, made possible with the help of computers.

The supplied system does not pierce the tissue, but you put it gently into the gingival sulcus, in the area of non-physiological adhesion between tooth and gum where the floss is applied, providing the following benefits:

1. Absence of pain during administration of local anesthetic
2. Less post-operative discomfort at the injection site
3. Greater depth of anesthesia
4. Increased duration of anesthesia
5. The possibility to run simultaneously on more parts of the mouth (because the facial mobility is not compromised).

At our practice, we offer The Wand® system, the market leader in injection technology – the first of its kind and best in its class, for the benefit of our patients.


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