Dental Care Program for U.S. Veterans Presented by Dr. Freer at Costa Rica All-On-4 Clinic

Veterans in the United States often have problems with dental care because of the necessary funding, so many can not afford adequate oral health.

For a Veteran to be able to access to the free dental service, it must be considered that he has 100% of the disability while in service, received wounds that created his dental problems when he was active or who was a prisoner of war. For this reason without this help, many veterans that do not reach the 100% disability will not be able to receive the dental care they need.

Dr. Alejandro Freer and the organization Costa Rica All-on-Four, gave details of the Veteran Program, which includes a series of initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for all veterans living in Costa Rica.

The Doctors participating at the auditorium of the Clinica 20/20, presented the clinic and came out to help veterans with and Affordable Dental Plan, celebrated for the first time and it was showed the complete dental staff to assist veterans with the affordable dental plans.


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